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The embers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had barely cooled when the Soviets challenged U.S. military superiority by detonating their own atomic device on August 29, 1949. As the threat of long-range Badger bombers loomed over the consciousness of the American public, top armed forces strategists agreed that early detection was the key to national survival.

Radar picket ships, designated YAGR/AGRs, were part of an integrated air defense early warning system to warn the Continental United States of Soviet Bloc air attacks. Extending across Alaska, Northern Canada, Greenland, and the North Atlantic, this system was headquartered in Colorado Springs in a secret bunker in Cheyenne Mountain.

Explore this one-of-a-kind exhibit to learn about the ships and sailors that provided "Protection by Detection" during the Cold War. Located on the second deck of the battleship Massachusetts.

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