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WWII Memorial

When the Allies tendered the terms of surrender to the Central Powers at the close of The Great War in 1919, the legendary French general Marshall Foch, recognizing the severity of the reparations, famously dismissed the peace treaty as "an armistice for 20 years." On September 1, 1939, Adolph Hitler would prove that prediction correct when Germany invaded Poland and ignited a second world war that would leave more than 50 million people dead and much of the world in ruins.

During World War II America would sacrifice more than 480,000 men and women to defeat the Axis Powers; Massachusetts citizens of all branches of military service constituted more than 13,000 of that total.

Battleship Cove is home to the Massachusetts' official memorial to all Bay Staters killed in service to their nation during World War II. Located aboard USS Massachusetts, this memorial symbolizes the eternal gratitude of a proud Commonwealth and nation.

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