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Women Protecting US

They are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, and friends: While formal military status for US women began in May of 1942, women have always borne the burden of military conflict. Often unrecognized, their contributions paved the way for the legions of women who serve today in our armed forces.

Now, their stories are being discovered and are retold at Battleship Cove. 

Women Protecting US represents Southern New England's first in-depth documentation of the military contributions of women. This provocative, permanent exhibit chronicles how women in the military perform valuable duties, and how women on the home front preserved the fabric of our nation while soldiers and sailors fight overseas.

This exhibit established Battleship Cove as an educational resource in the field of women's military history and is housed aboard the battleship Massachusetts.

Snapshot of exhibit that shows a black and white cutout of a woman in a jumpsuit holding a large wrench on her shoulder
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