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With Five National Historic Landmark US Naval ships and other craft, Battleship Cove is proud to be America's Fleet Museum.

USS Massachusetts

Built in her home state, the battleship Massachusetts was launched in 1941. She saw action in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of WWII and has the distinction of firing the first and last  U.S. Naval 16 inch projectiles of WWII.

Exterior shot of USS Massachusetts covered in snow
Front exterior shot of USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr

USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.

Destoryer Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.completed just months after the end of WWII, served in both Korea and the Cuban Missile Crisis. She is one of two Gearing-class destoryers remaining as museum ships in the U.S.

USS Lionfish

A Balao-class submarine, USS Lionfish served in the Pacific theater of WWII and was later used as a training submarine during the 1950s.

Black and white photo of Lionfish in action in the water
Black and white photo of PT 796 at sea

PT-617 ,PT-796, & PT-59

Battleship Cove is proud to be the home to three unique PT boats. PT-617 is the only surviving Elco on display and PT-796, a Higgins boat, was the last PT boat ever completed. In 2020 Battleship Cove opened it's newest exhibit showcasing the wreckage of PT-59, famously captained by JFK following the loss of PT-109. 


Code named "Gizmo", this small semi-submersible boat was one of two Gi​mik-class ships built by the OSS, a precursor to the CIA. It's mission and history were classified until 2011 when the CIA released a large trove of related documents to the public.

Image of the green Gimik docked
Image of the interior of the empty landing craft t

LCM 56

Landing Craft, Mechanized, were built with a shallow draft to quickly transport troops and vehicles directly unto the beach. An LCM (3) could transport a variety of vehicles, including a 30-ton tank.

Explore In-Person!

Come aboard to learn more about the heroic sacrifices of those memorialized at Battleship Cove.

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