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Persian Gulf War Memorial

In a fashion characteristic of the two wars that preceded it, America's involvement in the Persian Gulf War, or "Operation Desert Storm," was preceded by an invasion of a peaceful country by a Fascist regime.

When Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein stormed into Kuwait in the summer of 1990, the United Nations attempted to resolve the crisis peacefully through diplomacy, and then economic sanctions. Hussein's refusal to cooperate left the UN with no alternative, and by January 1991, US and Allied warplanes were bombing Baghdad. Weeks of air attacks were followed on February 23 by an invasion of an overwhelming ground force, with the demoralized Iraqis capitulating less than two weeks later.


In all, America sacrificed 293 lives to the liberation of Kuwait; 8 of those individuals were from Massachusetts and are remembered on the Commonwealth's official Gulf War memorial on board USS Massachusetts.

Close up of back end of bullets
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