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Nautical Nights

2022 marks 50 years of Nautical Nights at Battleship Cove! Since 1972 more than 1 million children have come aboard the USS Massachusetts and experienced what life was like for those sailors who served aboard the battleship in WWII.

Our Nautical Nights program is offered to Scouts, Youth and School Groups, and even families! A visit to Battleship Cove is special. Spending an overnight on board one of the mightiest defenders of freedom truly is an unforgettable experience.  

Although Battleship Massachusetts was designed to carry 1,800 men, she typically carried nearly 2,300 on board throughout the war. Steaming more than 225,000 miles over four long years, Big Mamie rotated her crew frequently, hosting more than 6,000 different officers and crew by 1945.

You'll be sleeping exactly where these men slept: in authentic sailors' racks. Built of tough cotton canvas stretched across a sturdy aluminum frame, these racks will give you a firsthand feel of what it was like to be a sailor in World War II. Upon arriving to the museum, campers are led to their assigned bunkrooms where they may stow their sleeping bags and belongings. 

If you're lucky, your average hotel might throw in a complimentary continental breakfast with your lodging fee, but at Battleship Cove we give you breakfast and dinner. All meals are served "chow style" in the original Officers' Wardroom on board USS Massachusetts. Campers then partake in a number of activities such as the new "Kilroy IS Here" scavenger hunt,  story teller,  feature films, play the game Battleship aboard a battleship, have a set of your own dog tags made, and much more.  

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Dog Tag Pre-Orders:

Want to have dog tags ready for you upon arrival? These authentic G.I. Dog Tags are just like those worn by sailors aboard ships. Crafted in durable stainless steel, each dog tag can be customized with up to four lines of type. Includes two personalized dog tags with silencers and one 22" stainless steal neck chain.

Order yours today by clicking on the button below and filling out the forum. All pre-order dog tags must be submitted no later than one week before your scheduled overnight and all payments much be made no later than two days before your scheduled overnight. 

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