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USS Massachusetts (BB-59) Living History Group

History comes alive every month with BIG MAMIE's Living History Group.  

These historical reenactors, dressed in WWII period Navy and USMC uniforms, demonstrate what life aboard USS Massachusetts was like during wartime operations.  This dedicated volunteer group shares stories, supports ceremonies,  demonstrates the use of shipboard items, equipment, and weapons, and undertakes drills for visitor enjoyment and education.


When not immersing our visitors in history, the Living History Group (LHG) undertakes restoration projects aboard BIG MAMIE and also attends various living history events around New England to represent and publicize USS Massachusetts.  Some of the restoration projects being worked on include an enlisted sailors mess, 5" gun mounts, and compartments in the Marine berthing area.

0189 Battleship Overnight Highlights 2021.jpg
2023 Drill Schedule
  • January 21

  • February 25

  • March 25 

  • April 22

  • May 27

  • July 29

  • September 2

  • September 3

  • September 30

  • November 11

  • November 12

  • December 2

If you love history and want to help keep it alive with BIG MAMIE's LHG, please contact .

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