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Korean War Memorial

As World War II came to a finish, two nations -- the United States and the Soviet Union -- emerged as the new global superpowers. Competition for international influence directly ensued, leading to a 40-year cold war that pitted capitalism against Communism, freedom versus Fascism.

In 1950, this cold war ignited on a small peninsula in the Far East as Communist North Korean troops steamrolled over the 38th Parallel in an attempt to absorb democratic South Korea. A US-led coalition of UN forces was ordered to repel the aggressors, who were quickly pushed back toward China. As the Soviets and Chinese increased their aid, the war evolved into a grueling stalemate that cost America the lives of some 40,000 servicemen and women. Nearly 1000 of them called Massachusetts home.

Battleship Cove preserves the Commonwealth's official memorial to Bay Staters of all branches of service killed in service to their country during the Korean War. Located aboard USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., this memorial ensures that those who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Korean War are not forgotten.

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