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Admiral Arleigh Burke National Destroyer Museum

USS Josephy P. Kennedy Jris home to the Admiral Arleigh Burke National Destory Museum and Memorial, which maintains a vast collection of cruise books, photos, and artifacts from over 100 years of US Navy destoyer history.

Probably the most famous destroyerman in naval history, four-star Admiral Arleigh Albert "31-knot" Burke, USN, was a well-known, respected, and decorated naval officer. The namesake for the Navy's latest Aegis Arleigh Burke-Class destoryers (DDG-51), Burke receieved his nickname "31-knot" for the speed at which his destroyer groups could operate in the Pacific theater during WWII. 

Within the Burke Museum are various murals, artifacts, interactive displays, and ship lists that portray the proud heritage of destroyermen and the United States Navy. 

The museum is currently undergoing a major renovation and is working with many ship and veteran organizations to perserve and present the story of the destroyermen. 

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