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Come Aboard

Day visits, overnight camping experiences, and special events allow the public to immerse themselves in the exploration of the historic entities on exhibit and see for themselves the sacrifices made.

Nautical Nights

Step aboard the historic Battleship Massachusetts and experience what life was like for her crew. Sleep in authentic sailor racks, eat in the Wardroom, and explore multiple decks of a WWII battleship.

0247 Battleship Overnight Highlights 2021.jpg
A boxing match with boxers in blue and red shorts and gloves on the ship

Host an Event

In 1965, the USS Massachusetts arrived in Fall River, heralding a waterfront renaissance. What began with one ship has evolved into the world's largest collection of historic naval vessels and a dynamic venue for conferences, meetings, and special events.

Ceremonies And Special Events

Our Special Events share our ships and their histories with those they fought to protect, and remember the service of our military personnel to the United States.  We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Wreath made of red, white, and blue flowers with red, white, and blue ribbon
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