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Group Visits and Educational Programing

Touch History Aboard the Worlds Largest Collection of Historic US Naval Ships

Looking for class field trip or group visit, how about an amazing attraction close by that's full with history, science and fun! Take a unique educational adventure aboard the worlds largest collection of Historic US Naval Ships. 

Touch History as you learn about the amazing history of our ships. Learn about life aboard as the ships fought to defend us during World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. 

Group Day Visits


School group rates September-June:

Students $10

Chaperones $10

Group Rates

Adult $20

Children $12

Take a self guided tour of the USS Massachusetts, USS Lionfish, USS Joseph P. Kennedy and more. Book your group visit today.

Add On

Hot Lunch Special: $9.95 per person

Cold Lunch Special: $8.95 per person

Guided Tour: $3 per person

Workshop: $200 per class 

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We offer a wide variety of workshops groups can add on to their visit. The workshops take place on the Battleship and at Maritime Museum. 

Workshop Choices:

Victory Mail

Victory Garden

Homefront Flashlights

Weaving Our Local History

Iceberg of Destruction

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